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All of Laudium in one place.

We’re a community website that advertises community notices, business information and classified ads.

What we offer the community

Community Announcements & Notices

Free Online Classified Ads

Free Business Directory

Cooking Blog

Madressa Online

Businesses in and around Laudium

The Laudium Online Directory is a free online directory for businesses in the area to list their establishments, update their business information and stay in touch with their community.

The Laudium Online Kitchen

The Kitchen is a blog that gives local food enthusiasts an opportunity to start a business from their love for cooking. If you would like to join our team of bloggers, click the button below for more info.

Guest Blog

If there is anything you would like to write about to reach out to your local community, get in touch with us to publish a guest post. We also offer community members an option to create a blog on our website, if you would like to start writing on your blog full time, get in touch with us.

Advertising with us

We have many ad spots on the website that can be booked online, simply pick your spot, choose your dates, pay online and your ad will be up on your selected dates.

If you have any tailored advertising needs please feel free to get in touch with us.

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