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Black Ivory Coffee – The Rarest & Most Expensive Coffee in The World – Try it Made From 100% Thai Arabica Coffee Naturally Refined, Naturally Expensive – Ideal Gift – 3 Pack-3.6oz

Brand: Black Ivory Coffee

Color: Brown beans, black packaging


  • Coffee lovers and Foodies, those with a taste for the exceptional. Try this elephant coffee at least once in your lifetime. It is digested and refined by Elephants to give the most naturally fermented and sweet coffee beans. Similar to how Luwak coffee is made but without the cruelty to civets and counterfeit imitations. Our elephants are all family members and as such pampered with love, nutritious diets and daily baths to give the smoothest coffee you will have ever tasted.
  • Enjoy the taste of real indulgence, Naturally refined, Naturally expensive. you won’t get any other coffee experience like this, that’s why it is the most expensive coffee in the world. Annual limits on production and until now primarily served in 5-star resorts but available and in stock now on Amazon. We roast the beans to order and warehousing is kept to an absolute minimum to ensure maximum freshness of your coffee when it reaches your table.
  • Our elephants live in villages in Thailand’s protected Surin Province, and the coffee cherries are transported from Chiang Mai. Only the sweetest ripest coffee cherries are hand-selected for the elephants to eat and break down. Once the bean has traveled through the elephant’s body, we sort and select only the best, clean them and roast them to order. The process is entirely natural to protect the environment and bring out all the natural flavors and aromas of the delicate coffee beans.
  • Black Ivory Coffee has a complex and unique taste, with hints of chocolate, tamarind, and spices. But because of the natural fermentation process, the premium quality Arabica coffee and beautiful environment for the elephants, it has sweetness and tea-like consistency, unlike any regular coffees. It is one of the most distinctive cups you will ever experience.
  • Socially responsible coffee production, where communities and farmers benefit from your coffee drinking. Through sustainable farming of coffee cherries in Chiang Mai and economic activity for elephant care-givers and local high school children in community projects in Surin. Importantly, a percentage of our profits are given to the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation to educate, protect and improve the lives of elephants in Northern Thailand.

Package Dimensions: 81x257x286

Details: The most expensive coffee in the world. The rarest coffee, not an easy title to get, but featured by CNN, Bloomberg, National Geographic and many others. The reason Black Ivory Coffee is the World’s rarest and most expensive coffee is because there is a phenomenal amount of work that goes into producing every ounce of this exquisite coffee. From selecting the freshest and best coffee cherries to feed the elephants and their healthy diets to their care and the meticulous roasting process to bring out the unique flavors of our coffee. Some say this coffee is similar to civet coffee and yes the beans are ingested, fermented and discharged by animals, in our case, Elephants and not civets. But that’s where the similarities end because our elephants consume only the highest quality cherries and it can take over 33lbs of cherries to produce 1lb of coffee. Our elephants have balanced and nutritious diets and are cared for by individual elephant care-givers and vets. Elephants are herbivores so, the stomach enzymes and fermentation process is slower to combine the delicate and sweet cherry skins and pulp with the coffee bean. This gives the coffee its smooth, chocolatey and less bitter taste. No burnt aftertaste associated with coffees like New England Coffee or Death Wish Coffee. There are complex tastes of tamarind, hints of spice and subtle earth tones that you will pick up with every sip. It has a rich aroma but tastes smoother, and more delicate, almost tea-like. Above all, we are a social enterprise and believe passionately in the welfare of elephants, the conservation of their habitats and only the natural production of our coffee Package includes: Whole beans packed and sealed and wrapped in a luxurious mulberry paper envelope with an embossed Copper seal: amount of beans 1.23 ounces or 35grams Each pack makes up to 5 servings Order now for that indulgent treat or gift it to someone who appreciates the finer things in life but also cares for conservation.

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