Bring the Cinema Home with Epson’s EF100 Projector

With grandiose lighting and large projections, the Epson EF100 Portable Laser Projector is an absolute treat for those that may have missed the big screen of late. With so much content releasing digitally in recent times, the company’s smallest projector to date could be exactly what film fanatics need right now. Measuring at just 23 centimetres long, the device is weighs just 2.7 kilograms and runs on a single power cable — making it ideal for moving around and even travelling with. We reviewed the white projector, however the EF100 is also available in black as pictured below.

The laser light source used by Epson on the EF100 ensures bright, high definition image quality — even in daylight — with various picture modes for the ideal brightness and contrast also available. The projector has the ability to project flexibly in any direction without the requirement of a screen, making it perfect for an outdoor movie night or even an afternoon watching sports at the poolside.

Epson’s EF100 Projector is just as good in daylight conditions

With an HDMI port, the EF100 can be connected to just about any device — from laptops to gaming consoles and decoders, Epson’s got you covered. The only requirements to plug and play is a white wall and a power outlet. The projector also presents a long-term and maintenance-free solution; as the laser light source lasts up to 20,000 hours. This provides great value, allowing the projector to be used every day for upto a decade!

In terms of sound, it’s all up to the user. The built in speaker provides enough quality to fill up a room; however, the projector also features Bluetooth connectivity for sound bars and external speakers as well as headphone jack. There is also a sound mode to reflect the type of content being shown.

Easy-to-use plug and play system

The Verdict:

In sum, Epson’s EF100 is the ideal home theatre projector. With its compact size and flexible setup demands, it provides good value and a pleasant movie-watching experience. It performs phenomenally inside and outside in almost all lighting conditions and is a maintenance-free buy with its long lasting laser light source. It is available at selected stores for a recommended retail price of R16,999.00.

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The Epson EF100W Portable Projector Rates an 8/10 and is highly recommended!

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