Tauba Tauba

Tauba Tauba” from the movie “Good Newz” is a lively and catchy Punjabi track that adds a fun and energetic vibe to the film. Sung by Karan Aujla, the song blends traditional Punjabi beats with modern electronic music, making it a hit among fans of both Punjabi and Bollywood music. The lyrics are playful and celebratory, perfectly complementing the film’s light-hearted tone. Overall, “Tauba Tauba” is a great addition to the soundtrack, contributing to the film’s entertainment value and leaving a memorable impression on the audience.

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Chaudhavi Shab – Shreya Ghoshal – Heeramandi

In the expansive realm of poetic artistry, certain verses transcend temporal and cultural boundaries, enchanting the hearts and minds of successive generations. Among these treasures shines the lyrical masterpiece “Chaudhavi Shab,” which has reemerged with renewed popularity in contemporary culture. This timeless creation, rich with vivid imagery and deeply resonant emotions, has evolved into a beloved anthem, particularly embraced by the youth of India.

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Happy Family, Conditions Apply Review- Prime Video

Discover ‘Happy Family, Conditions Apply’, a captivating series exploring the complexities of modern familial dynamics with humor and heart. Dive into insightful storytelling and compelling performances as the show navigates through love, conflict, and generational relationships. Perfect for those seeking a blend of entertainment and poignant reflections on family life.

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Heeramandi Review

Review of Netflix’s “Heeramandi”: A Magnificent Tapestry of History and Emotion Netflix’s “Heeramandi” arrives with much anticipation, promising to be a visual and emotional feast. Directed by the acclaimed Sanjay Leela Bhansali, known for his opulent and emotionally charged films, “Heeramandi” takes viewers on a journey through the labyrinthine alleys of Lahore’s historical red-light district.

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best of bollywood 2020

The Best of Bollywood 2020

A unique year in all aspects, and very much so in terms of films. With no cinematic releases in the final three quarters of 2020, the entertainment world was given a breath of fresh air by OTT platforms. Many blockbusters opted for digital releases and web shows became a more and more dominant form of entertainment. It’s now time to celebrate the Best of Bollywood for the year gone by.

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