Cuisine: Indian

Mutton Biryani

Mutton Biryani

The best mutton biryani
It is a royal dish that indeed needs no introduction 
The beautifully spiced and fragranced layers of biryani rice centered with juicy, tender meats and masalas, Bliss!

4 in 1 cutlets with a twist

4 in 1 Chicken Cutlets

This 4 in 1 recipe with a twist is the easiest if you have the recipe on hand
The steps are super simple the only trick is getting the proper portions to get that crispy texture without breaking. Everyone enjoys these goodies Yum!

yellow potato

Yellow Potato

If you simply love ingredients with aromatic flavors then this is the recipe
It is one of the most basic recipes that anyone can make. Ideal for a week night dinner a side dish which goes well with a fish curry too

fish curry

Fish Curry

My mum inspired me to make this simple, yet effective mouthwatering dish
A must have fish curry recipe for every home…

saucy grilled prawns

Saucy Grilled Prawns

I love prawns weather they are sautéed, deep fried or grilled. One of my favourite ways  of cooking them is by sautéing them with the above ingredients. The sauce is spicy and insanely delicious.


Chicken Khowse

My neighbour has introduced me to this lovely dish it was the first time that I have tasted it and now it is a family favourite. It is scrumptious!

crab curry

Crab Curry

Crab curry a very spicy and tasty dish prepared often at our home which is served as a main course