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Flavia Alterra, MDKA186, Italian Roast Coffee, 100 / Carton

Brand: Flavia


  • Fresh, convenient single-servings
  • Sealed from light and air to ensure perfect cup every time
  • No cross-contamination for drink purity
  • Bold flavor from luscious blend of dark-roasted beans
  • Works in Flavia Creation 150, Creation 200 and Creation 500

Package Dimensions: 132x351x1021

Release Date: 08-06-2011

Details: “Italian Roast is a luscious blend of dark-roasted beans, delivering a heavy-bodied, bold and earthy-flavored cup. Each Freshpack contains the exact amount to brew a perfect single cup of coffee and acts as the brew chamber for your drink so your cup never tastes like the last beverage that was brewed. Freshpacks are used in Flavia Creation 150, Creation 200 and Creation 500 (all sold separately). Simply slip the pouch into the pack door, and the machine pierces the pack seal to create your delicious beverage. For single-serve sustainability, innovative pouches are 100 percent recyclable through Terracycle. More from the Manufacturer”

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