Robertsham Orphanage


Help Robertsham Children’s Home

We'r urging the community to help us keep our doors open.
43 Benjamin Street, Robertsham, Johannesburg

It is with sadness that we inform you that due to very little funding towards our home, most of our staff could not be paid and neither could we afford to fix our vehicle, it has left us with not being able to pay our staff members, and with that 3 of our staff members have left us.

Because we left with not as many staff as prior, we had extreme shortage of staff with our special children and unfortunately we had to ask some of the children to be moved into other homes as we did not have the man power for almost 40 children.

Last month we had 36 children and 8 caregivers which was a ratio of 4/5 to 1 caregiver depending on their needs. With 3 caregivers gone it’s left us with a ratio of 7/8 to 1, we have alot of special needs children and this is not a great situation for so many children to caregivers, so we had to shed tears and say goodbye to some children as they moved into other children’s homes and we left with 23.

If our home does not receive help fast to pay our staff, fix our car and pay off some of our bills, and with baby supplies we going to find ourselves having to say bye to even more of our children, some of these kids have called this house there home for 4, 5 some even 7 years now, and they might have to leave due to financial difficulties.

Please we urging the community to help us keep our doors open.

We receive food shukr, but a child does not only require food, they require individual care, they require electricity, water, transport to school, a special aunty to care for them, they require school nessecities, and a kind community.

Please help us before children have to be moved to new homes.

If you wish to come visit us please make a appointment with us at 081 504 8328 or 060 506 7819.


Banking details:
Tarbiyatul Aytaam foundation
Acc# 62792139711
Branch code: 250655
Swift code:FIRNZAJJ
Ref: zakaah/lillah /sadaqah

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