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illy Ready-to-Drink Mochaccino, Authentic Italian Coffee, Made with 100% Arabica Coffee, All-Natural, No Preservatives, Hormone-Free Low-Fat Milk & DOMORI Cocoa, 8.5 fl oz (Pack of 12)

Brand: Illy

Color: Mochaccino


  • Ready-to-Drink Convenience: Electrify your senses with the pure pleasure of illy Ready-to-Drink Mochaccino on the go, for your commute to work, or simply anywhere. The 8.5 oz cans of rich espresso-style coffee drink are infused with DOMORI cocoa.
  • 100% Arabica Coffee: Enjoy this all-natural coffee drink using Arabica beans that yield a slightly sweeter coffee with a softer taste imbued with rich, subtle flavor.
  • Mochaccino: This coffee contains preservatives, added colors, or extra flavors. All-natural ingredients and hormone-free milk offer a rich and creamy traditional Italian espresso taste blended with low-fat milk and cocoa. Delight your taste buds.
  • Indulgent Taste & Fewer Calories: Relish in the indulgent taste with fewer calories than other leading coffee-based ready-to-drink. illy is made with premium natural ingredients and beet sugar for sweetness. Caffeine content: 43 mg/8.5 oz.
  • Sip. Savor. Be Inspired: illy believes in sustainable quality and boasts more than 30 years dedicated to perfecting coffee bean growing methods to obtain a harvest that is socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable and responsible. Please update title, bullet features, and product description

Package Dimensions: 137x224x3311

Release Date: 11-12-2018

Details: illy Mochaccino Ready to Drink, an Italian espresso-style coffee drink with low-fat milk and cocoa is destined to be your new go-to beverage. illy chooses only Arabica beans because they yield a slightly sweeter coffee with a softer taste imbued with rich, subtle flavor. • 100% Arabica coffee • no preservatives, added colors or flavors • Caffeine content: 43 mg/8.5 oz.

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