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La Spaziale S1 Dream

The S1 Dream is the plumbed version of the two. Connected directly to a plumbed water supply you never have to worry about filling a reservoir again. The rotary pump and the option of plumbing the drip tray (drain option available separately), no more emptying or overflowing drip trays. This machine is ready to serve the needs of the most demanding of home baristas, and it would be equally at home in a small cafe or restaurant.

Unique La Spaziale S1 Dream Features

Programmable passive pre-infusion – Gently pre-wets the coffee for more consistent extraction

Boiler manometer – Shows pressure in the steam boiler.

Direct plumbed – No need to fill reservoirs. Includes 5 ft braided water line with 3/8″ John Guest fitting (accepts 3/8″ JG tubing).

Rotary pump – Powerful and quiet.

Steam temperature – adjustable through the digital touch panel

Dual boilers – 0.45 liter brew boiler and a separate 2.5 liter steam/hot water boiler.

Weight – 65 pounds (29.5 kilograms)

La Spaziale S1 Dream T

The S1 Dream T is the vibratory pump and water reservoir version of the Dream models. This is the ideal La Spaziale coffee machine for those who do not have the desire to connect directly to a plumbed water source, or wish to have a machine that can be used in multiple locations without dealing with connecting and disconnecting plumbing fittings. Perfect for renters or for those who do not wish to drill through counter tops to route plumbing.

Unique S1 Dream T Features

Reservoir – 2.4 liter capacity. Reservoir pulls out like a drawer right from the front of the machine. No need to move the machine to fill.

Vibratory pump – Compact and extremely quiet.

Dual boilers – 0.45 liter brew boiler and separate 1.2 liter steam boiler.

Optional passive pre-infusion chamber

Weight – 62 pounds (28.2 kilograms)

S1 Dream and S1 Dream T Common Features

The standout feature of both models is the glass touch screen. This highly sophisticated digital interface monitors and controls virtually all the functions of your “Dream” espresso machine. It keeps you in touch with the machine, and allows the machine to stay in touch with you! Here are just a few of the features of that control system:

Calendar – This enables the user set the date and the date format of the machine. This is very important if you want to be able to use the timer feature.

Time – This enables the user to set the time on the machine. This is very important if you want to be able to use the timer feature. There is also a function to choose to have daylight savings time activated.

Timer – The timer feature allows the user to automatically turn the machine on and off at up to 3 different time periods throughout the day. Each day may be programmed differently or not at all as you choose.

Auto Inactivity Shutdown – The machine can be set to automatically turn off after a user-programmed period of inactivity.

Backlight LCD Timer – This enables the user to select the timeout feature to turn the display’s backlight off when not in use.

LED Barista Light – There is an LED lighting system that illuminates the brew area to make it easier to see the espresso as it is extracted. These lights can be turned on when the machine is on, always turned off, or placed in “auto mode” and will only light up when a shot is being drawn.

Digital Counters – The resettable counters keep track of the amount of drinks being created. Handy for keeping track of use and maintenance schedules.

Programmable User Profiles – Allows you to program user profiles for custom drink parameters. These include such factors as coffee temperature and brew volume.

Filter Alert – Alerts you with a message to indicate that the softening filter needs to be replaced. By default the filter counter on the S1 Dream T will give a message after 27 gallons of use alerting you that the in-reservoir softening cartridge needs to be replaced. For the S1 Dream plumbed version, you can select 125, 250, 500, or 1250 gallons of water (a softening system for the plumbed S1 Dream is highly recommended in most situations. Contact us for details).

Alarms – Gives the status of any active alarms in the machine.

Grinding – This feature, when enabled, will give the user a notice while brewing if the grind is too fine or too coarse. This can help achieve better results. Based on time in relation to brewed volume, you can program it for a tolerance of 5, 10, or 15 seconds. As an example, assume that the shot button is programmed to brew for 25 seconds and the grinding margin is set to 5 seconds. If the shot runs for less than 20 seconds a message will appear on the display “Coarse Grind.” If the shot runs for more than 30 seconds then the display will show the message “Too Fine Grind.”

Other common features of these two La Spaziale coffee machines include:

Dual Boilers – Two separate boilers. One only handles the task of brewing espresso. That means it only has to hold water, and that water can be adjusted to the perfect brewing temperature. The other boiler supplies hot water and steam.

Programmable Offset Differential – This functions allows the user to make an adjustment so that the display indicates what the temperature of the water is when it reaches the coffee, not the temperature of the water in the boiler. Sound technical? No problem! Each La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi is adjusted before shipping! No need to purchase expensive digital meters and probes just to get accurate temperature readings!

Stainless Steel Front and Back Panels – Beautiful, stain resistant, and easy to clean.

Swivel Stainless Steel Steam Arm – Easy to position to match your working style and pitcher shape and size.

Barista Lights Next to the Group – Illuminates the work area under the group making it easy to see the espresso flow.

Steam Tip with Exclusive, Four 0.9 mm Holes – Specially designed to make it easier to steam milk for that perfect microfoam we all love.

Volumetric Dosing – You can program the volume of water that flows through the group when you press the single or double espresso buttons. The volume is adjustable through the digital interface.

Additional manual semi-automatic button – Allows manual control of the extraction time, bypassing the volumetric controls.

PID Controlled Brewing Temperature – The temperature of the brewing water is adjustable in one degree Fahrenheit increments. Accurate brew temperature is one of the most important parameters of making espresso, and the PID digital “thermostat” makes it easy to find just the right temperature to make espresso just the way you like it.

Group Temperature Adjustable Through the Touchpad – Sending perfectly heated water into a cold group makes no sense. The group is heated so that there is less thermal loss as the brew water passes through on its way to the coffee when making espresso.

Electronic Boiler Refill – Both boilers are automatically kept filled without any intervention of the user.

Specifications in Common

110 volt 15 or 20 amps – 1250 Watt steam boiler and 800 Watt group boiler. Both machines work on a standard household circuit at 15 amps. If the user has access to a 20 amp circuit, the machines can be set through the Touchpad to operate in such a way that both boilers can be powered at the same time. Check with an electrician for more details.

Two 53 mm portafilters are included with each La Spaziale S1 Dream model.

Output Capacity – 20 Espressos Per Hour

PID Temperature Controller

Hot Water Spigot – Stainless steel, adjustable.


Height 15.00 inches

Width 16.50 inches

Depth 16.50 inches

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