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Nobody knows?


I hope this message reaches you in good health and imaan in these uncertain times

There is a lot of speculation, the if’s, but’s, when’s and why’s… I do understand that so many things don’t add up, so many conspiracy theories make much more sense and we are all placed in situations we didn’t think we would find ourselves in, making decisions and choices out of our comfort zone

However the virus was created, man made or natural, if its a conspiracy for a greater evil or beyond our understanding, this virus is here and is a reality for so many now….
It may be easier for some to go along with the conspiracies and theories, and it could be very well true, but for those living through the effects of the virus it is a really, really difficult time
To have your loved ones contract it(man made or not) to hear your loved ones going through excruciating bodily pain and headaches, extreme bouts of fever, vomiting and breathing problems is absolutely heartbreaking
To be so close yet so far leaves family members helpless
To be hearing the effects of the virus from the children who are trying to hold fort while their parents may be going through the effects of the virus is heart wrenching
To have parents witness their children going through the effects of the virus is just as difficult

Every single individual had to make decisions and choices for themselves and their families
To social distance or not….
To resume work or not….
To send your children back to school and madressa or not….
To honor that family invitation or not…

Whatever decision you made, it was the best choice for you as an individual and your family
If someone’s decision is different to yours, it’s because
Maybe, just maybe some are stronger emotionally, mentally and physically…..
Maybe, just maybe some don’t have the option to stay home and social distance…

To the teacher, Moulana, Apa:
If children in your class are not returning, please don’t judge their family
Their decision might be different to yours, but it’s not wrong….
They may have underlying issues you do not know of…
They may have the responsibility of elders in their homes…
They may be struggling emotionally, mentally or physically….
Please don’t post videos, statuses making them feel like their imaan is weak, or that they are being judge….
You never know, maybe that mum is spending time on her deen which she’s never done before and her children for the first time are witnessing it….

To the men attending the masjid….
Please don’t judge the men that are choosing not to….
They may be praying their salaah with such conviction that Allah is so accepting of it…
you may be attending the masjid, but if there is even a mustard seed worth of pride in your heart for attending your salaah may not be with the conviction of those praying at home….
Maybe they have turned their homes into masjids, and salaah was never prayed In that home before….

To one and all…
Everyone’s decisions may be different, but different isn’t wrong

May we all be under Allahs protection, may this time bring us closer to our deen,
may we use this time to mend our ways, rebuild our relationships and re-evaluate our lives….
May all our different paths lead us to Allah. Ameen.


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