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Oat Milk Unsweetened, Organic, Vegan, & Plant Based, Non-Dairy Milk, Low Sugar, Perfect for Coffee, Tea & Dairy Free Recipes, Shelf Stable, (1 Pack), By Willa’s Kitchen

Brand: Willa’s


  • Simply Delicious – Made With Just Four Organic Ingredients. Willa’s Unsweetened Oat Milk is made with just water, organic whole grain oats, organic vanilla, and salt, and has the LEAST SUGAR of any oat milk on the market.
  • Made Using The Whole Grain Oat. Unlike other oat milks, Willa’s uses the entire whole grain oat in our unique milling process. This means we get more fiber and protein, and less sugar, in every delicious cup.
  • Sustainably Produced. No food is wasted in our production process because we use the entire whole grain oat. And because oat milk requires less water compared to the amount needed for cow’s milk or nut milk, each delicious pour is great for your health and better for the environment.
  • Dairy Free, Organic, Plant Based & Vegan. Willa’s uses only the highest quality, USDA organic, Non-GMO and certified vegan ingredients. Our oat milk is naturally nut free, allergen-free, and soy free. It’s an excellent choice for coffee, cereals, and smoothies, or as a plant based alternative in any of your favorite dairy free recipes!
  • Shelf Stable. No need to refrigerate until opened. Keep in a cool place until ready for use. Once opened, keep refrigerated to preserve freshness.

Package Dimensions: 73x208x998

Details: Willa’s Organic Oat Milk uses Organic, Non-GMO whole grain oats, real vanilla extract, and plant based ingredients to create the creamiest, most delicious oat milk just like our Grandmother Willa used to make. We use the whole oat, which means you get more fiber and protein, and less sugar. It also means, we use the whole of the oat grain and have no food waste in our process, making it the most sustainable plant based milk you can buy. And it’s shelf stable, meaning you do not need to refrigerate it until you open it.

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