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Peet’s Coffee Brazil Minas Naturais Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 10.5 Oz Bag Single Origin, 10.5 Oz

Brand: Peet’s Coffee


  • Single Origin: whole, ripe coffee cherries from the Minas Gerais region sweeten in the Brazilian sun to create a coffee that is smooth and full bodied. Flavor notes: sun-dried sweet with natural notes of hazelnut
  • Obsessed with fresh: from the beginning, Peet’s Coffee has roasted the best coffee beans we can find with quality in mind. We also care for the communities that grow & harvest those beans, because coffee is better when it is grown & sourced responsibility.
  • Brew like the best: brewing the best cup of coffee starts with finding your favorite roast or blend. Whole beans or ground coffee, dark, medium or light, single origin or a blend? Try a variety & find the best brew for the morning mug or afternoon pickup.
  • Light, medium & Dark Roast: brew a pot of Peet’s ground or whole bean coffee in a blend & roast perfect for your tastes. Light roast coffees are mild & smooth, medium roast coffees are smooth & aromatic, while dark roast coffees are smoky & Full bodied.

Package Dimensions: 36x155x91

Details: “Naturals” Is Brazilian Portuguese for natural The bean preparation method Peet’s most prefers in this part of the world. It takes sun and plenty of it to dry all the way through the skin and sweet pulp of the coffee fruit to the seeds inside. This is done on well-tended patios where whole cherries are raked continuously and also on the trees where a portion of the pickings are left to dry on the branch. Peet’s E Brazil Minas Naturals comes from the Minas Gerais region of south-central Brazil one The best-producing regions in the country. The end result of preparation method and region is a thoroughly sweet cup with mild fruit and caramel notes unctuous hazelnut and a smooth full body. This coffee comes pre-ground for quick and easy brewing.

UPC: 785357022454

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