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The Health Nut Online Store​ offer several excellent tried and tested immune boosters, flu busters and health remedies​

Are you looking for a natural alternative to traditional medicine?

The Health Nut Online Store offers natural remedies for : 

  • Anti Aging
  • Body Care
  • Brain Boosters
  • Detoxing
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Oral Care
  • Slimming
  • & More

The Health Nut’s Liposomal B-Complex is a uniquely bioavailable formula that delivers B vitamins directly into the cells for optimal absorption. All the essential B vitamins are in their biologically active forms, which are better utilised by the body than inactive synthetic forms commonly found in supplements.

Our soy-free liposomes are made from coconut oil and Fulvic Acid, using Fulvisome™ Technology. They move easily through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream, and deliver the B vitamins directly inside the cells as their phospholipid molecules naturally merge with the cell wall. The high uptake level of our B Complex vitamins means no wasted, unabsorbed supplement ingredient is left for your body to detoxify.

We need B Complex vitamins to sustain energy levels and to support the body’s response to stress via the adrenal glands and nervous system. They are essential for healthy hormone and mood regulation, and a balanced immune response. B vitamins are also important for digestion, absorption and as co-factors in various metabolic pathways involving other nutrients.

The methylation cycle, occurring in every cell of the body, is dependent on the active forms of folate and B12. This cycle regulates energy production, cell health, gene expression, detoxification, stress response, nerve function and immunity. However, common genetic variations in 30-50% of the population (MTHFR gene) mean the common forms of B vitamin supplements can’t be converted in the body to their active methylated forms. This disrupts the methylation pathways causing a cascade of health effects that can manifest in many different symptoms.

The B vitamins are fundamental to our wellbeing throughout life, beginning before we are even conceived. During pre-conception and pregnancy it’s vital for both parents, and the baby you’re planning to make, that certain B vitamins are available in sufficient quantities. Vitamins B6, folate (B9) and B12 are all required for healthy nervous system development in the baby, as well as conditions in the mother affecting a healthy delivery. Vitamins B1 and B2 are also needed for optimal development of the baby’s brain, bones and muscles.

The B vitamins work in close relationship with each other, which is why they are grouped together in a complex and need to be taken together to be effective. This is also important because taking a supplement of an individual B vitamin can mask symptoms of a deficiency in another B vitamin.

The Health Nut’s Liposomal B-Complex is the first supplement to combine biologically active forms of all eight essential B vitamins, Fulvic Acid and Piperine in a liquid liposomal carrier.

Support For

  • Stress response, nerves and adrenals
  • Energy production
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Optimal B vitamin uptake – no wastage
  • Preconception & pregnancy health

Ingredients Per Serving

Fulvic Acid 5mg
Vitamin B1 750mcg
Vitamin B2 0,9mg
Vitamin B3 10mg
Vitamin B5 2,5mg
Vitamin B6 1mg
Vitamin B9 200mcg
Vitamin B12 1,2mg
Essential Phospholipids 275mg
Piperine 2,5mg
Other Ingredients: Aqua

Adults: Take 2,5ml daily.
Babies/Children: Consult a medical practitioner for dosage
Shake well before use. Some separation may occur. Dilute to taste with a small amount of water or juice.


People with B vitamin deficiency may experience temporary symptoms such as flushing, tingling and heat due to increased tissue detoxification when first taking The Health Nut’s Liposomal B-Complex. Reducing your dosage can alleviate these symptoms while your body adjusts.

Always read the label and use as directed.
Supplementary to a balanced diet.
Or as directed by a healthcare professional.
Keep Refrigerated after purchase.
Use within 3 months of opening.
Keep out of reach of children.

The Health Nut was founded by Christie Hewlett

Christie Hewlett has always had a keen interest in health, but became nuts about health when she became a mother in 2007. She was living in Northern Mozambique at the time, with limited access to decent healthcare and a baby who was constantly ill after suffering an adverse reaction to his 6 week vaccinations.

She turned to homeopathy, herbs and nutrition and hasn’t looked back since. She is currently furthering her studies in Naturopathy, with a focus on Advanced Holistic Nutrition and is on a permanent quest to find the highest quality supplements and remedies available.

Christie started the Facebook group, “Vaccine Awareness South Africa” in 2012 to help parents make informed decisions regarding vaccines and the illnesses associated with them. In 2014, she then created the Facebook group, “Natural Health, Nutrition & Vitality” to provide support and discussion for non-vaccine related health issues.

Christie recommends several excellent tried and tested immune boosters, flu busters and health remedies on her groups. It has not always been easy in the past to find all of these products.

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