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Rapid Fire Turbo Brew Ground Coffee, RFA Approved, 3X Caffeine, Supports Energy Focus & Stamina, 14 oz

Brand: Rapidfire


  • The World’s Strongest Coffee Just For You: When you need a lift, use Rapid Fire Turbo Brew Keto Ground Coffee to brew the strong, smooth coffee you need to stay energized every day.
  • Turbo Brew With 3X Caffeine: With three tablespoons of Rapid Fire Turbo Brew Keto Ground Coffee will provide 3 times the caffeine to help support energy, focus and stamina.
  • Robusta-Arabica Blend. Robusta Beans Provide A Chocolatey Character, While Arabica Beans Have A Mellow, Caramel Sweetness. Together They Ensure Each Sip Of Rapid Fire Turbo Brew Ground Coffee Is Rich, Bold And Full Bodied!:
  • Natural Source Ofhealthy Antioxidants. Rapid Fire Turbo Brew Keto Ground Coffee Provide A Great Source Of Potent Antioxidants To Help Fight Free Radicals And Keep Your Body Healthier.:
  • RFA Certified To Support Sustainability. Rapid Fire Turbo Brew Keto Ground Coffee I Certified By The Rainforest Alliance, The World’S Finest Sustainable Coffee Certification Program.:

Package Dimensions: 193x325x2722

Release Date: 10-08-2020

Details: If you’re looking to energize your day, boost focus and improve your stamina, an energy drink just won’t do the job. Instead, enjoy a bold, strong and smooth cup of hot or iced coffee made from Rapid Fire Turbo Brew Fresh Ground Coffee! This ultra-premium bend boasts coffee ground from the finest coffee beans to provide a unique and smooth taste along with wonderful aroma.
Rapid Fire Turbo Brew Keto Ground Coffee features a carefully selected blend of two premium coffee beans. Indonesian Java Robusta is prized in the world for its unique taste and character: chocolatey, with a bit of acidity. Peruvian Arabica beans bring you a coffee that shows mellow acidity, with a strong citrus and caramel sweetness. These two coffee beans are perfect partners, delivering taste and energy from cup to cup, every time.
Rapid Fire delivers functionality and convivence, combined with a pure, clean and strong product from “bean to brew”. Every sip has a rich, bold, full-bodied flavor providing natural energy with no sugar. For the perfect cup of coffee turbo charged with extra caffeine, let Rapid Fire Turbo Brew Fresh Ground Coffee start your morning strong or enjoy it anytime throughout the day.

UPC: 035046116552

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