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Slender Wonder Weight Loss

Illumination Health is part of a select group of 250 accredited South African medical practices offering the trusted Slender Wonder weight loss programme to our patients.

This remarkable alternative to traditional methods of weight loss is both safe and highly effective.

The Slender Wonder system is administered only by qualified and accredited medical doctors, and is the result of 40 years of intensive research and development by trained medical professionals. Slender Wonder has helped thousands of people to lose weight by treating the cause of obesity and not just its symptoms.

The programme does not merely focus on our patients daily intake of kilojoules. It is a formula based on the glycemic index of the foods that we commonly consume. The Slender Wonder system concentrates on the treatment of low leptin levels and improving the body’s sensitivity to the leptin hormone.

The leptin hormone is formed in fat cells, and it regulates the entire adipose metabolism. As soon as leptin resistance in the body increases, the body’s metabolism will slow down and appetite will increase. Traditional methods of dieting will be ineffective when this occurs. Leptin sensitivity is normalized with the Slender Wonder programme.

 The programme consists of three mutually dependent components 

  • a low GI diet
  • weight loss supplements/ neutraceuticals which assist with the breakdown of fat and help curb food cravings
  • daily injections of the naturally occurring HCG hormone which targets and releases abnormal fat stored in the body.

The weight loss supplements are available as “veggiecaps” which do not contain any gelatine or other animal by-products. The Slender Wonder programme fully complies with all halaal, vegetarian and kosher dietary requirements.

If the program is strictly adhered to, our female patients can lose anything between 6-8kgs per month. Our male patients’ results have been even more startling and immediate reductions in weight of between 8-10kgs per month are not uncommon. All our patients will also experience significant centimetre loss and most will notice a moderate increase in muscle tone. 

There are numerous other benefits to the program. The Slender Wonder system has been known to impact positively on our patient’s moods and energy levels. The programme has also been associated with positive anti-ageing effects on the skin and increased mental clarity in some of our patients.

Specific medical benefits include potential improvements in patients who experience difficulty with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels in those patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol.

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