Quick Mill

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B EVO

Quick Mill is a brand known for quality with a long history of product excellence. The Vetrano EVO espresso machine, manufactured by Quick Mill, lives up to this high-quality expectation. This exceptional machine is designed for in home use, but features commercial quality components. This espresso machine features a quiet, powerful rotary pump, and is made with T.E.A coated boilers. This coating technology greatly reduces the possibility that metal will in up in the drinks delivered by the machine. The Vetrano EVO delivers all of the expected benefits of a dual boiler espresso machine and then some.The Quick Mill Vetrano Evo is one of the best looking and best performing espresso machines on the market today. Its stylish look and relatively small counter top footprint make it a great aesthetic addition to any kitchen. The stainless-steel design and LED lighting are sure to impress and make for easy cleanup. This machine makes becoming an at home barista simple. With the brewing and steaming tips provided in the instruction manual (included with the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B), home coffee makers can expect to brew a delicious double shot of espresso in only 25 seconds by following the simplified method.

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Quick Mill Silvano EVO

The Quick Mill Silvano EVO is an entry level PID coffee machine with advanced features. Silvano combines beauty, value, and the latest PID technology for making the best espresso, cappuccino, and latte you have ever tasted! This Silvano espresso machine with PID has excellent temperature control and has a boiler for coffee and a thermoblock for steam, each with its own pump. The thermoblock allows for unlimited steam and can be turned off independently from the coffee boiler to conserve energy.

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Quick Mill Andreja Premium EVO

The Quick Mill Andreja Premium EVO is an E-61, heat exchanger machine equipped with features found only on the best espresso machines. The ability to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously is just the beginning. Equipped with components usually found in commercial machines, but priced for the home espresso enthusiast, from the commercial-quality steam and hot water valves to the commercial-grade pressurestat, you will be enjoying great espresso for years to come.Quick Mill was founded in 1945 and has a long history of using the best materials available and applying the most current technologies to create the best machines possible. Their Andreja Premium Evo is no exception.

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