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Urnex Cafiza Professional Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder 566 Grams – 3 Pack

Brand: Urnex

Color: White


  • Eliminates coffee residue and oils from espresso machine group heads, valves and lines
  • Specially formulated to clean heavily soiled equipment in a professional setting
  • Powder format allows for easy and controlled dosing
  • Recommended for use as part of a daily backflush regimen
  • Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed and NSF certified – Made in USA

Package Dimensions: 67x205x1860

Details: Cafiza is a coffee shop staple for baristas and business owners looking to keep their espresso equipment clean and serve great tasting espresso beverages. It is highly versatile and can be used to clean espresso machine group heads, valves, lines, portafilters and even roasting equipment. Cafiza is formulated to balance powerful cleaning strength with optimal solubility so that it is easy and effective to use in commercial environments. Cafiza is also available in tablet form.

UPC: 754631530206

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