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What is a Barista?

So can anyone who prepares coffee be called a Barista? Someone preparing coffee in a filter coffee maker at your local diner may not qualify to be referred to as Barista. Even though he/she may have some skills and knowledge about making a really good coffee in that filter machine, this is not how modern day Baristas prepare coffee.

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What qualifications does a Barista have?

A Barista does not need any formal qualification or certification, certain coffee shops may require potential Baristas to take some courses, but most established Baristas just have a passion for coffee and many years of experience. If you have a passion for coffee and you’re thinking of becoming a Barista, check out our Free Online Barista Course.

What does a Barista do?

The primary function of a Barista will be to operate the coffee shop’s espresso machine, he/she will be required to master the art of making good espresso first, and then learn how to make every possible beverage that can be ordered by a customer.

As a Barista you will also be required to build and nurture relationships with customers as most coffee shops depend on repeat business and regular customers, the Barista has an important role in managing customer relations, knowing who your customers are and how they like their coffee.

Over recent decades the role of the barista has become more globally respected and recognized. This can be seen in the growing popularity of barista competitions and barista-branded products on supermarket shelves.

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