Working or Stay At Home mommies


Working or Stay At Home Mommies

The question of the day is… do you want to have a career as a housewife or do you want to be a professional working woman ?

At the outset, be mindful of the fact that some women have a choice in this whilst others are forced to either stay at home or forced to work for financial reasons. 

In today’s society housewives are looked down on whilst working women do get more respect unfortunately. I say this as many people think it is easy to stay at home all day to cook, clean, take care of the children and attend to things around the house, but do they not know that it is more difficult than going to work. At work all you are focused on is getting one job done with no disturbances.  The other aspect to consider is that being at home does not pay the bills and in today’s world, our day to day lives are so expensive that most families require two working parents. In the families that are able to get by with only one working family, being a housewife is seen as a luxury only afforded to the wealthy.

On the other hand, working mommas have to juggle work outside the home on top of running their households and ensuring that their kids are taken care of, which is stressful already. If they have to bring work home or work odd hours, that adds another layer of complexity. In this day and age “modern woman” feel tremendous amounts of pressure as they want to ensure that both their career and family must be perfectly taken care of. The other downside of working moms is not being able to witness every small milestone throughout your baby’s day and carry those memories with you throughout their life. Whether it be holding their head up for the first time, or walking them to the bus stop, every small moment is a big moment that you get to be there for.

Looking at the perks and downsides, todays society should not dictate to you about how to feel and what to do. I realized that just because society has made it such that when women go after what they want it is considered selfish and harmful for the family it doesn’t mean that it is actually true. It doesn’t matter what “type” of mom you are, if you raise your children with love and give them everything they need and  build positive environments then you are doing what is best. 


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